Don't rake your leaves this fall

Raking leaves can be a big pain. Once you get a nice pile, a gust always comes along and messes it up.
Then you have to worry about what to do with them. If you have a large property and a compost pile or tumbler, that's a good use for them, but you also need to have an adequate amount of green material in your pile to offset the browns.

If you live in a town with a leaf collection program, you rake it out onto the street or bag it and wait for pick up. The leaves can disrupt curb side parking and create a mess when it rains.

A better solution, just mow over them. The mower will crush them into little pieces and over time they will decompose into material that will help feed your lawn. It's like composting in your lawn. You save the trip to and from the composter as well as the effort in turning.