WSJ's Wendy Bounds' Organic Lawn Makeover

Found this video on from Wall Street Journal reporter Wendy Bounds. She started using organic lawn care techniques and documented the results in this video clip.

Things didn't start out great but with a little bit of time, research and knowledgeable friends she was able to get an organic lawn..

Some of my thoughts on her organic weeding tools are posted after the video.

The Weed Hound she discussed for removing weeds is very popular. It is easy to use and gets the weeds out fast. Some people have claimed they get addicted to using the Weed Hound and start doing their neighbor's lawns when they run out of their own weeds from what some people are saying! So you might want to consider getting one as a gift to your neighbor :)

The Weed Twister also looks good as it gets the root out but needs a bit more work.

The Dandelion Terminator, which seemed to be Wendy's favorite, is no longer in production.

Their website states: "Sorry but due to technical problems, we have temporarily stopped sales." From a FAQ on the product it is clear that the Dandelion Terminator does not remove the root. It just breaks up the leaves and stems. Without removing the root, the weed will come back.

A better product to use would be the Weed Hound which gets the root out and doesn't take much more work. You also don't use electricity or need to have a drill to use it.

You'd have better success if you just reached down and grabbed the weed and pulled it by hand than using the Dandelion Terminator. You'll do the same thing, but sometimes you'll manage to get the root out too.
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