Growing Grass Indoors: Germination

It's day 3 of my growing grass indoors project and I'm already seeing germination!

Every night since I planted the Jonathan Green Dense Shade Grass Seed I've been peeling back the coffee filters I use to retain moisture. This is the first time I've seen signs of germination and I was surprised to see it so soon.

I was a bit concerned that the grass wouldn't grow because this batch of seed was left over from a few years ago. It also grew in my yard where I needed to fill in some patches.

After initially preparing my planter I've been making sure I keep the soil moist. The seed has been lightly watered 2 or three times each day with a spray bottle. I keep the spray bottle filled so that the water is at room temperature.

How important the water temperature is, I'm not sure. But I know that grass seed won't germinate if it's too cold. Since this planter doesn't have the benefit of being warmed by direct sunlight, I decided to use warmer water than that which comes directly from the cold water tap.

Even though I have Dense Shade growing in very shady parts of my landscape, the grass does get a little bit of late afternoon sun. To help my indoor grass get established quicker I'm going to try and give it at least a little bit of sun each day and will continue to water on the same schedule until it comes in thick.

Here's a close up view of the Dense Shade as it first germinates.

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