Smith 2 Gallon Max Contractor Sprayer Review

Smith 2 Gallon Pump Sprayer
I needed a new pump sprayer for my lawn renovation project and the  Smith 2-Gallon Contractor Sprayer seemed to be the best garden sprayer available and at a reasonable price.

I used to own a Stanley metal pump sprayer that lasted for over a decade until the nozzle got clogged and I couldn't clean it. I was shopping around for a replacement nozzle and was about to order one when I realized I can't find my old sprayer! Don't know what might have happened to it. It's not like it's a sock.

While looking around for replacement parts I kept seeing the Smith pump sprayer and it had very good reviews and a well thought out design so I decided to purchase it.

Smith 2 Gallon Contractor Sprayer
The image on Amazon (where I ordered it) was slightly different than the sprayer I received. It seems that they have made some upgrades and re-branded it as a "Contractor Sprayer" instead of a "MAX Contractor Sprayer".
The nicest upgrade is the addition of a plastic base for the sprayer. It includes a cup like section where the tip of the wand goes for storage. This collects any material that might happen to drip from the end of the nozzle or at least keeps a wet tip from coming in contact with anything when the wand is snapped into the wand holder for storage. I think it's clever.

One of the main reasons I purchased the Smith Contractor Sprayer was because it came with a shoulder strap. It allows me to carry the sprayer and leaves one hand free for other purposes. For example when I was spraying herbicide to kill my existing lawn I used a sheet of cardboard as a shield to prevent overspray. I didn't need to constantly stop to pickup and move the sprayer body. It gives the convenience of a Backpack Sprayer to those of us that don't need a sprayer larger than 2 gallons.

The 18" long wand that comes with the sprayer makes it easy to reach the areas you want to apply product to. The valve is easy to operate and includes a switch to keep the sprayer on when you need to cover a large area.

The end of the wand has a 45 degree angled adapter to spray liquid out at a more comfortable angle but I believe it is removable. For spraying compost tea I think removing the angled adapter might be beneficial as I read that angled ends can damage the fungi or provide areas where biofilm may attach and build up over time.

The Smith garden sprayer can use different tips depending on your application. Five tips were included (4 pictured below).

From left to right they are a plastic adjustable tip, a brass adjustable tip, a foaming tip and a red fan tip. There was also a yellow fan tip included but it is currently attached to the sprayer. The fan tips are great for applying liquids to your lawn quickly and evenly.

I used the yellow fan tip to apply the organic herbicide to my lawn earlier today. It creates a nice, wide, even spray pattern that allows you to quickly apply your product and gives you pretty good control to avoid over-spray.

The brass adjustable sprayer would be good for applying compost tea because it allows you to open up a wide stream. At least 400 microns is necessary to allow some of the fungi to pass through.

Even though the body of the sprayer is plastic, it's a very thick walled plastic that can hold up to the pressure inside the container. The plastic is just translucent enough to allow you to see the level of liquid in it.

The pump was easy to operate even when the spray was slung over my shoulder. It gave a very consistent spray even while pumping.

A nice feature that my old Stanley sprayer didn't have was a pressure relief vale that allows you to depressurize the sprayer when you're done. I've heard horror stories of people unscrewing the top mounted pump of their sprayers when they thought the sprayer was depressurized but it wasn't and they got a face full of chemicals.  Not fun! The manually operated relief valve helps prevent that.

I found no leaks anywhere in the sprayer and I'm very happy with it. It's reasonably priced and includes free shipping from Amazon. I've been looking over different brands of sprayers and I'm very happy I selected the Smith pump sprayer.

My only complaint is that the fill markings on the side of the sprayer are difficult to see but that can be remedied with a Sharpie.

If you're looking for something to help spread liquid herbicides, liquid fertilizers like fish hydroslate, amendments like humic acid or soluble kelp or even compost tea, the Smith pump sprayer will help you get the job done fast.
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