Wind 'N Go Crank LED Lantern

This post was originally submitted from my phone during Superstorm Sandy. Before the storm I ordered a bunch of hand crank lights because I always forget to get new batteries before I need them. Luckily I didn't lose power but I have some family nearby that did. These hand crank lanterns helped them find their way around their home for over a week without power.

Very impressive considering how affordable they are. See the quick review I posted and video from my phone demonstrating the hand crank lanters.

I ordered these Wind 'N Go Mini LED Lantern before hurricane Sandy but they didn't arrive until today. They provide a decent amount of light and you  don't need to worry about batteries or power. One minute of cranking provides up to an hour of light. It's enough light to read by if close and can help you find your way around a small bedroom. The lantern has a total of four LEDs but can be run with only two. Pressing the button once turns on two LEDs. Pressing the button again will turn on all four. With all four LEDs on the lantern will only run thirty minutes from one minute of cranking. The Wind 'N Go Lantern can also be charged with an optional AC adapter. Five hours of charging will provide six hours of light using two LEDs or three hours using all four.  An optional cell phone charger can also be purchased to get one or two minutes of talk time from one minute of cranking. Wind 'N Go Mini LED Lantern

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