Time To Change Your Mower Blade

removing lawn more blade from rotary mower
With the heat of summer approaching, now is a good time to change or sharpen your lawn mower blades.

Your lawn is under enough stress this time of year. Help it out with a fresh cut. I mentioned in my previous article on watering your lawn that lawns cut with a dull blade require more water than lawns cut with a sharp blade.

Dull blades tear and shred the tops of grass blades, especially tall fescues like the Black Beauty I planted in 2012. This damage not only causes the grass to need more water but it also makes it more vulnerable to disease.

I like to keep at least two mower blades handy,one on the mower the other sharpened and ready to go. Remove the old blade, put on a sharp one, or a new one to help your lawn.

When should you change your lawn mower blade? I change the blade in the beginning of the season, then again around the end of June. If you have a large area of lawn you may need to change your blade more frequently, especially during summer when temperatures are over 80 degrees F.

Sharpened lawn mower blade
Sharpened Gator Mulching Blade

Check out my mowing tips for more information including how to sharpen your lawn mower blade.
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